common questions

Are all the products displayed in the Ledtech store original?

This is correct. Dear customer, we guarantee that you will get 100% original products of high quality and international specifications that meet the desired conditions.

What are the payment methods offered by the Leadtech store?

We offer multiple and secure payment methods, and dear customer, you can pay in one of the following ways, according to what you find appropriate: Credit card payment (Visa or MasterCard) - PayPal (Paypal) - Apple Pay (Apple Pay) - mada cards - STC Pay (STC Pay) ) - Bank transfer .

What is the delivery mechanism adopted by the Leadtech store to reach the customers?

In order to ensure that the products reach the customer completely safely, they are shipped via Aramex, Lavasta or Leadtech store representative (currently available in Buraidah only).

The customer can choose between the companies offered to take over the task of delivering the shipment to the address the customer enters before completing the purchase process.

What countries and cities are shipping to? How long is the shipping time and shipping costs? What are the working days of the companies?

Shipping to all countries of the world via Aramex Duration: Express shipping 3-10 working days.

Cost prices: The price is shown according to your geographical location.

Cash on delivery is not currently available.

Shipping to all regions and cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia via Aramex (Aramex) and Lavasta Duration: Fast shipping within 2-7 working days.

Cost prices: Lavasta 19 SAR, Aramex 24 SAR.

Payment is available upon receipt for a fee of 18 SAR.

Shipping within the city of Buraidah through the store representative.

Duration: Standard shipping within 3 hours to 48 hours during working days.

Cost prices: 12 SAR.

Payment is available upon receipt for a fee of 5 SAR.

*Free shipping to all regions and cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for orders above 150 SAR.

Transport companies work days from Saturday to Thursday, Friday is off.

In the event that the carrier was unable to reach the customer on the specified date; Leadtech store does not bear any responsibility in the event of a delay in the shipment.

How long does it take for the order to be processed and delivered to the shipping company?

After confirming the order, the work team directly prepares your order, wraps it and delivers it to the shipping company on the same day, usually when ordering before 4 pm and the next day when ordering after 4 pm, with a maximum of two working days.

Can the product be exchanged after completing the purchase or refund?

The amount can be exchanged or refunded after completing the purchase of the product from the Ledtech store, see the exchange and return policy.

Is there a warranty on the products of the Ledtech store?

Yes, in the Leadtech store, we provide an immediate replacement guarantee on all products, except for what is shown at the bottom of the product description, as it does not include the warranty.

Wishing you a pleasant shopping experience.

زائر 4 weeks ago
هل يتوفر لديكم شريحة بيانات نت مفتوح stcلدة سنة وكم اسعارها؟
المعذرة منك لا يتوفر اي باقة لمدة سنة