Exchange and Return Policy

Replacement and return policy at Ledtech store.

Time period for exchange and return:

You can replace the product provided that the product packaging is in good condition (the product box has not been opened) within 7 days from the date of purchase.

You can return the product provided that the product packaging is in good condition (the product box has not been opened) within 5 days from the date of purchase.

After confirming the order and paying, you can cancel or modify your order without incurring the costs of return, before the order has been processed and the order status changed to (shipped).

After the order status is changed to (shipped), the customer will bear the costs of returning the shipment from the carrier.

After the customer receives the shipment in case he wants to replace or return the product within the above-mentioned period, provided that the product packaging is in a sound condition (the product box has not been opened), the customer bears the shipping procedures and costs.

In the event that the shipment is not received from the carrier and the shipment is returned by the shipping company, the freight amount will be deducted from the order amount and the remaining amount will be returned to the customer, or if he wishes to send the order again, he will bear the shipping costs.

It is not possible to refund the amount or replace the package for data SIMs after activating the SIM in the name of the customer.

Instant Replacement Warranty:

The warranty is an immediate replacement guarantee at the Lead Tech store, you can contact us via WhatsApp or through e-mail or one of the communication channels shown at the bottom of the store

In the event of any malfunction, please contact us to take the necessary measures. The customer will be compensated in the event of a manufacturing defect in the product.

Noting that the products that have been opened are not replaced if it is not proven that there is a manufacturing defect in them, and that the non-replaceable products are everything that violates or deviates from the terms of the immediate replacement or return guarantee, such as (misuse - pieces - breakage - the product opened in a different condition). Normal - Failure to follow the operating instructions - Exposing the product to water if it is not waterproof - Performing any external maintenance - Complete or partial failure of the device to work if accessories are used that are not compatible with the device's characteristics).

In the event that the product to be replaced is not available, the customer will be contacted to obtain his permission in case he wants another product.

Receipt of the shipment from the shipping company is an acknowledgment from the customer that the shipment (carton) is in good condition and has not been opened before receipt.

  • Returns are not made unless the product packaging is in good condition (the product box has not been opened).

Refund Policy:

The customer will be contacted by the customer service to request a bank account number in order to transfer the refunded amount and clarify the fees due to be deducted from the total amount and explain the reason.

The refund period ranges from 1 working to 5 working days.

*Leadtech store has the right to modify the exchange and return policy at any time.

For your inquiries and comments, you can contact us through WhatsApp or through the customer service email:

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