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Google ChromeCast

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Chromecast from Google

Google ChromeCast

How to turn on the Google Chromecast device below the description

Chromecast Features:

  • Chromecast is easy to install and operate
  • Chromecast link supports HD 1080p
  • Google Chromecast 3 allows you to view thousands of Android and iPhone applications
  • A Google Chromecast TV link that enables you to display the screen of your mobile phone or laptop on the TV screen

The Google Chromecast link enables you to play media on TV in 1080p from Google

Enjoy with wireless live streaming via Chromecast and watch YouTube and live shows through the many applications available on Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast 3 turns the TV screen into a smart screen with the highest standards. Everyone can view media on TV, whether Android, iPhone, or even a laptop

Share your photos and all your fond memories with your family and friends by viewing them from your mobile phone on the TV screen via the Google Chromecast link from Google

How to play google chromecast:

connect chromecast to tv

The first step is to connect the Google Chromecast chip to the TV, and you must connect the chip itself via the HDMI port, while you connect the USB charger through the designated port inside the TV to provide power or connect it to an external power source directly.

Download the Google Home app

The second step to control the Chromecast chip is through the Google Home application available through the Google Play Store or through the iTunes store for IOS phones and most Android phones come with the application pre-installed, after installing the Google Home application, you choose the Chrome Cast icon within the application

After that, the settings for Google Chromecast are installed automatically, and you only need to click on the Continue button, then you continue to choose preferences for some display and video broadcast settings on your TV to choose what suits you. After completing your preference setting, a code will appear on your TV that you enter in the application

Google Home, then you choose the name of your new link, the Chromecast link, and you connect it to a Wi-Fi network. After that, enjoy the many benefits of Chromecast.

* It is preferable to log in with your Gmail account to sync your preferences and watch history from YouTube and others (optional).

Product carton contents:

  • Chromecast
  • Power Cable
  • Power Adapter

2 years warranty

SKU: GA00439-US

  • 210 SAR

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