HUAWEI Small Portable Charger 6700mAh Huawei

HUAWEI Bank Charger 6700

86 SAR 59 SAR السعر شامل الضريبه

smallest portable charger Huawei 6700 capacity from HUAWEI

HUAWEI Bank Charger 6700mAh


  • USB port
  • 10W charging feature
  • Stylish and portable design
  • High quality and compatible with all devices

High quality portable charger with a capacity of 6700 fromHUAWEI

The smallest portable charger with one USB port, 10W fast charging

Huawei portable charger compatible with all devices, charges your phone 1 and a half times to 2 times and a half

Stylish design, the smallest portable charger fromHuawei, suitable for portability, IQ charging technology, 10W fast charging, one USB port

2 years warranty

  • 86 SAR 59 SAR

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