SmartWatch Similar to Apple W26 IP68 Water Resistant by SmartWatch SMART WATCH

SmartWatch Leading AhealthyLife W26

147 SAR السعر شامل الضريبه

SmartWatch- like Apple Watch IP68 Water Resistant

SmartWatch Leading A healthy LifeStyle W26


  • Bluetooth technology
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Device search feature
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Receiving and rejecting calls
  • Watch app for Apple and Android devices
  • View notifications and social media programs

SmartWatch- like Apple Watch IP68 Water Resistant

A smart watch similar to Apple supports the device search feature and a battery with great performance with the ability to change the watch band

A watch similar to the Apple Watch that supports the Do Not Disturb feature supports the display of calls and notifications of social networking programs

Similar to the Apple Watch, compatible with all devices, with a 350mAh battery, full touch control with the ability to change the background of the watch

You can control the SmartWatch through a watch application available for Apple and Android devices that supports tracking of daily activity from the Smart Watch.

To download the watch app for Apple or Android devices, click here

Operation Warranty

Extra features:

  • Size 44M
  • Alarm feature
  • calculator app
  • Do Not Disturb feature
  • full touch control
  • heart rate tracker
  • stopwatch feature
  • Daily activity tracker
  • remote control for photography
  • Tracking system for multiple sports systems

  • 147 SAR

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