Xiaomi Band 4 Sports Watch xiaomi

Xiaomi MI Smart Band4

106 SAR 90 SAR السعر شامل الضريبه

H Xiaomi 4 BAND of XIAOMI

Xiaomi MI Smart Band 4


Xiaomi has provided a beautiful service to athletes by providing Xiaomi Band 4 that provides a complete tracking system for your daily performance to help you improve it

It is known that one of the most important secrets to improving your sports performance is to monitor it accurately and properly. The Xiaomi Watch 4 allows you to track it automatically,

Nduom Battery Xiaomi Band 4 more than 10 days, you are linking them via Bluetooth with your mobile device you're after you download the program Xiaomi your Bzhaoma Band 4

Then you synchronize your mobile device with the watch for more accurate monitoring and more flexible control through the application, knowing that you can operate the Xiaomi Watch 4 and benefit from all its features without having to connect it with your device. Xiaomi Band 4 brings you a unique #experience in tracking your sports performance.

*Special application for the Xiaomi Watch 4 for iOS for iPhone and Android Android

2 years warranty

  • 106 SAR 90 SAR

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